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K is five months old today!

Here are some facts about five month old K:

  • We won’t have official stats until his six month appointment, but he’s still a big and growing boy!
  • His daily routine is…not very routine.  Every day at day care he seems to eat and nap differently.  :-/
  • He goes to bed easily and sleeps past 5:00 am most mornings.
  • He laughs when tickled, and smiles often and with his whole body.
  • He can blow “raspberries”, but his sound of choice is still a good hearty squeal.
  • In addition to squeals and coos, he’s made the G, M and B sounds.
  • Hair watch:  still waiting…  😀
  • He’s in size two diapers, and 3-6 month clothing.
  • He loves small hand held toys and teething items.  His favorite for now is a teething bee that vibrates when chomped on.  He’s also taken a liking to his jungle crib light with the swinging monkey.
  • We’re trying out his jumper from time to time.  It’s still a little tall for him, but he loves the toys and lights.
  • We officially have to belt him in to his swing.  He has learned to raise his hips and slide out the front.  (No that hasn’t happened yet…but he sure tries!)
  • He also lifts his hips and scoots across the carpet on his back.  Quite the inverted inch worm!
  • He sits in his high chair to eat and seems to feel like a big boy when he does so.
  • He is eating cereal one to two times per day.  He’s also tried a little banana mixed in.  (Loves it so far!)  We plan to introduce a new food each week.  Next up…sweet potatoes!
A moment I don’t want to forget:
On a recent night, K fell asleep in the living room while nursing.  His little mouth was hanging open, face relaxed, arms were jelly…he was OUT.  J and I had been carrying on a quiet conversation.  I said “he’s asleep” and started to get up.  J walked over and said “Do you want me to put him to bed?”.  K bolted awake turned his head toward J and looked at him with quite a serious face.  As if to say…”I’m not going ANYWHERE!”.  We both got tickled, and I said “you were supposed to be asleep!”.  He just smiled really big, shut his eyes, and went right back to snoozing.Here’s the little man at five months…

And here’s his photo shoot (a very “energetic” session this time!)