Our family enjoyed quite a weekend!  Since it will be our last hectic one for a while, we tried to pack in some fun.  As a result, we may have made it a busy one after all, but hey, that’s how we roll.

Friday night J got in some flying time and then we had taco night with Dan.

Saturday, we had a pool party with some friends from J’s work as a sort of farewell.  K was GREAT, and enjoyed splashing around!

Sunday we went to church for a penultimate visit.  Then we took in an afternoon movie (HP).   K did pretty well.  We chose the 12:50 thinking it would be sparsely attended.  And aside from a few loud sounds startling him, and needing the occasional “stand and bounce” from his mama in the back of the theater…he did great!  In fact, he was quieter than most people I usually sit around!

Sunday was also time for lots of playing and reading.   K really enjoys being read to now.  He stares at, touches, …kicks?… and coos at the books.

He also rolled from back to belly finally!  He’s been sooooo close for the longest time, but this was the first time he did it totally on his own.  He wasn’t thrilled about the result…so I’m not sure when he’ll attempt it again.  🙂

“WHAT just happened?!”

And THAT’s how K rolls!