We’ve spent the last day or so moving in.  And the last week living in a hotel.  So I’ve been a bit out of sorts and have gotten behind on here.  So…as for our move…here’s what you missed!

1) The move out went smoothly.  Mom and dad helped us get our extra vehicle up to the new house by swinging through IN to meet us.

2) We left IN the same we entered it.  All of us spent the last night there on air mattresses.

3) We took the best souvenir ever with us.  (K).

4) We enjoyed hotel life, and contemplated moving in there permanently.

5) K adjusted like a champ to the new day care.

6) I concluded that I either have a short term memory, or some rose colored glasses.  This whole unpacking gig is not quite as fun as I remembered it to be!

7) A box of corn starch managed to coat an entire box of pantry items with white powder.  And my jeans.  And the floor.  And the fridge handles.  And the sink.  You get the point.

8) I moved the coffee maker 6 times.

9) It was a bad day to be a light bulb.  We had three break in transit.  Of course none of them are normal bulbs that we have on hand.

10) We arrived at a house, and made it our home.

Come see us soon!