K turned six months old on Saturday! We had his 6 month checkup and shots today, so I’ve waited to post until today so we could have his official weight and length.
Here are some fun facts and figures about 6 month old K!
He’s such a happy boy! He laughs, smiles, and even better…brings a smile to the face of others.
His favorite toy…might be his feet. He loves to lie on his back and pull at/chew on his feet.
He also enjoys his jumper, his play gym, and his little teething bee.
He has adjusted well to his new day care, and according to his care providers…is quite the flirt! (Sigh…)
He eats roughly 4 bottles per day, and is eating veggies, fruit, and cereal regularly as well.
He has tried and liked lots of things, including pears, bananas, carrots, and green beans. For now, we’re sticking with apples, sweet potatoes, and squash in his daily routine.
Weight – 18 lb 7 oz  (75%)
Length – 27 1/4 in  (75%)
Head size – (100%!)
A growing boy indeed!
He no longer sleeps through the night. I’m hoping it is temporary and is a result of all of the changes he’s gone through lately. In the meantime, I’m hanging in there, and drinking a little more caffeine!
He is quite the roller, and rolls off his blanket toward the nearest object he can get to for some kicking and patting. He is getting better at sitting up, but still needs some work there. He can hold his own bottle, but generally refuses to do so. J
He is quite the chatterbox. His “M”, “D”and “N” are improving. You’ll generally hear “mmm” “mamama” “dadada” or “nanana” if he’s awake. I don’t think there’s much meaning behind them yet, although every now and then it will seem like his “mamama” is directed at me.
He enjoys being read to, and his favorite book is “10 Shiny Snails” because he likes to poke his fingers through the holes.
All in all, he’s quite the character, and is such a welcome and precious addition to our family. I can’t believe he’s half way to his first birthday!
Here are some pictures of our growing boy and his unsuspecting monkey:
And here’s his six month photo shoot!