(Written yesterday…but the photo shoot was delayed as I had to wait for a sick baby to cooperate.)
K is seven months old today!He continues to be a big, growing, and happy boy. During the past month he met lots of family from his mama’s side, and had a great visit at Papaw and Nana’s house. He hung out with all five of his first cousins. AND he took his first airplane flight! He has settled in well at the new day care, and seems to enjoy the new routine and appreciate the shorter commute. Here are some facts and figures about seven month old K:

K is roughly 20 pounds, and 28 inches long.

He wears size 3 diapers, and is in 9 and 6-9 month clothing.

He sits up independently fairly well, but we don’t wander too far away just yet… 

He loves sitting in his bumbo seat on the couch next to daddy. He’s learning to wiggle out of it though, so he may soon be banished to the floor.

He is fascinated with remotes and cell phones, and will lunge toward them anytime he sees one. We don’t let him play with ours…but we did break down and give him an old remote with no batteries.

He babbles lots, and in addition to “D” “M”and “N” he has added “B” to his repertoire. More and more, his “dada” and “mama” seem to be intentional and directed toward us. 

He loves being read to and sometimes “reads” to himself.

He plays like it is his job. If his job is to pick up, inspect, and set down a toy. Pickup-inspect-set down. Repeat for hours on end. (“Inspect” can mean look at as well as eat, shake, and drool on.)

He sleeps through the night again. .:High five:.

He eats 3 “meals” per day, with 4 bottles mixed in as well. (Boy can EAT!) His new favorite is Papaw’s homemade pear sauce, but he continues to do well with a wide variety of flavors. He does NOT, however, love puffs. The day care swears he’ll eat them there, but when I give him one he acts like I’ve tried to poison him. 

As for hair and tooth watch…let’s just say we haven’t exactly had to use our baby shampoo or orajel yet.  I still have my little mostly bald, totally toothless man. 

He has so much personality.  He sticks his tongue out when he is up to no good, or is working hard.  And he smiles when I scold him.  I think I’m in trouble.

He has a new smile that requires him to show every inch of gum he can, and scrunch up his face.  You’ll see it in the first photo below.  Cracks us up every time!

Here is our seven month old monkey:

And here is K’s even month old photo shoot!