Boo for poorly timed viruses.  We were all very excited to have K’s cousin in our home this week.  Not only would we get to know a growing baby niece better, she and my K could enjoy some play time!

Unfortunately, my K got hit with a virus mid morning on Monday and we ended up getting sent home.  So while they are “near” each other.  We haven’t allowed them to play “with” each other yet.  K is feeling better, and has already returned to day care.  That should make for some healthy play time this weekend!  In the meantime, they’re both having their individual parties anyway!

Click on the pic to view it larger…

More pics of thier week together will be coming soon.  I also have some pretty cool pics from K’s KY visit!  And I hope to get those up soon as well!   (Iola…if you’re reading I WILL post those!)  We are blessed with three beautiful nieces and two handsome nephews.  And they are each such a blessing!