Cousins are important.  I say this with certainty because my absolute best friend growing up was my cousin.  Not just in a kindergarten “let’s swing beside each other” kind of way, (although we did that too).  But in a “let’s be on the same teams, take the same classes, pick on our older brothers, compete together and win, overcome injury, go to the same college, have each others’ backs no matter what and take on the world” kind of way.   One con to living away from home is that K won’t know his cousins like that.  That makes me sad.  Because he also has some great cousins.

The good news is, when they do get to visit, the moments will be treasured.  Here are a few pics from K’s visit with his cousins!

Time to stir the gravy!
Are you going to share, or what?
Wagon rides!
Perfect place for a nap!
A giggly crew!
A borrowed bumbo chair is much more fun!!!
UK PJ buddies!
No time to stop for photos!
K was eating her dress, so we had to rearrange…
We clapped to create smiles…but it caused more clapping!
Papaw and his crew!