We’ve been busy for the last couple weeks…and therefore a little slow on here.  We’ve had 3 strings of visitors, a fall party, work travel for both of us, and now, trick or treating!
Did you catch that work travel part?  K’s mama is on a new project, and as a result, we spent our first (second, third, and fourth) nights apart.  Daddy did a great job taking care of the little man, and I returned to a happy household.

Tonight was trick or treating in our neighborhood.  K was an adorable little pup, and enjoyed greeting our guests.  We also snapped pics with a couple of his new friends.  Enjoy!

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K had his eye on the prize.
Waiting for our trick or treaters!
One for you!
One for me!
K’s new bud!
A cute crew!
Puppy is almost on the move!