K’s bald head + cooler winter weather = a need for a good warm hat.

I’ve had a hard time finding hats that fit his…”advanced”…head.  Nana provided us with adorable fleece puppy hat that that has helped do the trick for quite a while.  He never pulls it off and he looks adorable!  The problem is…his head is getting a bit too big for it.

K received another present from his Great Grandma.  This hat had potential.  It was big enough, warm enough, and looked like it would definitely stay on.

Enter K, who had other plans.  He LOVES the hat!  But he loves it as a chew toy, and a shaker, and as a way to play peek-a-boo.  So it serves many purposes…but at this rate, I’m not sure one of those purposes will be to warm his head…

I present to you, K vs Hat!

As always, click on any photo to view larger.  Pardon the drool…and pants up to his knees…

Blocks are ok…but I’d really like to play with this hat.
Stop for a quick dance.
Back to work!
A victory shake!
Great for peek-a-boo!
Hey…my head is cold…