Dear K,
Nine months can seem like an eternity. Ask anyone who has ever been pregnant. When I carried you, I was pretty sure that nine months lasted 20 years. Not because you were a task to carry, in fact we had a very healthy and happy pregnancy. But rather because the anticipation of meeting you and holding you made it seem to drag on forever.
Then you finally arrived, and my life changed forever. Over the last nine months I’ve watched you grow and change in so many ways. Currently you’re learning new sounds, and trying to add a few words to your vocabulary. We’re pretty sure “juice” is on the tip of your tongue. You think I’m the queen of the Earth, or at least of your world, and if I’m in sight, you prefer that we hang out together. I’m flattered by it, and agree with you that we should spend as much time playing together as possible. So we do.
Daddy is your comedian. When he makes certain faces or sounds, he can send you in to a laughing fit that ends with all of us rolling. You don’t even have to be near him, and if you hear him laughing…you’ll join right in!
Speaking of rolling, that’s still you’re preferred mode of transport. You’re sooo close to crawling, but can’t quite get yourself moving forward. Between the rolling and the scooting backward, you still get everywhere you want to go…including these places…
You clap, giggle at Pat-a-cake, and love peek-a-boo. You wave at times, but you haven’t quite nailed when a wave makes sense. Most recently you waved bye bye to your toy when I told you it was time to put it down. Then again…maybe you DO understand waving; you are just selective in who deserves a wave?
Bath time and brushing your teeth are super fun for you, and you even celebrate diaper changes by kicking vigorously and patting the mirror. You’ve also discovered how to turn the light off when we’re done.
You are such a big boy when it comes to playing with others, or letting other people take care of you. The day care loves you, and at church we can take you to the nursery without any tears. When I pick you up you are happily playing away. It is during these times when I see you differently. I see that you are not a baby any more. You are becoming a little boy. A wonderful, loving, sweet little boy. As we speak, I am starting to think about plans for your first birthday. THAT seems hard to believe. But we will quickly zoom through your first Thanksgiving and Christmas, and February will be here before we know it. I find myself wanting to cling to every second and every memory…but also excited about what each new day with you brings.
So as I mentioned…nine months can seem like a second.