Lots to say since we’re behind!  I’ll try to keep it brief…

  • We had a great Thanksgiving, and I need to post some super cute pics of K testing out some wheels.
  • We got our Christmas pictures taken on Sunday…K was not feeling well, so we are short on smiles.  We’ll have to get creative on our Christmas card…
  • Speaking of not feeling well,we learned on Sunday night at the ER that K had croup, pneumonia, and an ear infection.  WHAT!  I’m home with him today helping him beat the cough and get a little healthier before returning to day care.  He still has a runny nose, cough, raspy voice (which he seems to like the sound of) upset stomach, and now a mild fever.  But don’t tell him!  He seems to have no idea he is sick…   Considering everything he’s fighting off…he’s a fantastic patient!  Even if I’ve been peed on, spit up on, and have snot on the shoulder of everything I’ve worn.  Aside from not sleeping great at night, and napping a bit more during the day…he’s mostly his happy self!

Here’s a few quick pics of our big boy playing:


An open door policy!!
Better check it out.
Too soon to tackle stairs?
Checking it all out…
This side too.
I know I’m not supposed to…but can’t resist!