K is 10 months old today! WHAT!
He’s changed so much since the 9 month update. It seems every day he finds a new spot in the house to investigate, or repeats a new sound or word he hears us say.
Still a great eater! He has cereal and yogurt for breakfast, a meat/veggie combo and a fruit for lunch, and cereal and fruit for dinner.  We’re finishing up the current stock of food, then switching to stage 3!  He also has four bottles throughout the day. We’re working on learning to drink diluted juice and water from a sippy. He’s also eaten a few club crackers to practice taking bites and chewing. (AND every now and then, he gets a teeny tiny nibble of something from mommy and daddy’s plate. He likes applesauce, and ice cream…HATES orange sherbet.)
Speaking of taking bites…still just those two front bottom teeth…but I think his top front two are almost ready to poke through.K is on the move! He may have been a little late to start crawling, but as soon as he got the hang of it…he really took off! He is all over the house; behind the recliner, banging on the steps, getting in to our shoes, breaking a nutcracker (whoops), grabbing my dishtowels from the oven handle and dragging them around the house. Getting his finger (and tongue) prints on everything! Busy guy! “They”say crawling is good for a baby, so while we are helping him practice standing and learning to put weight on his feet, we’ve taken away his jumper, and are just letting him focus on crawling and pulling up for now. He can pull to his knees with no problem, and in bed, has basically gotten to his feet a couple of times. In fact, we had to lower his mattress to help me rest easier.

That busy guy is also in love with our Christmas Tree. He stares at it, points at it, softly says “tree!” and despite our constant “no” can’t seem to resist crawling over and touching it and the ornaments. He even broke the tail wing off of Santa’s little airplane!
He’s getting more and more verbal. Still mostly sounds and babbles, but there are increasingly repeats and intentional sounds mixed in. He on a fairly regular basis says “mama”, “dada”,“juice” “uh oh” and “tree”. He has repeated “ball”, “up”, and “drink it”. He is the chattiest late at night when it is just us 3 hanging out and he’s getting sleepy. He points constantly and says what we think is a version of “what’s this” or “what’s that”? Only his sounds more like “deesh” “dah”.
K: “deesh!” (pointing at the zebra mask on our wall)
Me: That’s a zebra
K: “dah!” (pointing at the chair)
Me: That’s a chair
Picture this going on for three hours every evening…and you’ve got a pretty good summary of my life. J
I think he’s had another growth spurt. He is completely in to 12 month clothes now, but still doing fine in size 3 diapers for a bit longer. Virtually overnight he was too long for me to cradle and bounce him to sleep like I’ve done nearly every night for 10 months. We’ve changed to rocking in his nursery, but even that seems to get later and later as he stays awake to play longer. (So much to point at!)
In short – K is an amazing little boy! Watching him grow and change is such a joy. I am in disbelief that I’m already planning his 1st birthday party. That doesn’t seem possible! Let’s just say we’ll probably go bananas over it. 😉
Here are the pics of our little growing monkey.  You’ll notice that “deesh” and “dah” continued throughout.
I need blocks!
Then he found a wagon, and forgot the camera and I existed…