If you know K, you know he eats well.  Always has.  He was born a skinny 7 lb 7oz, dropped to mid 6 lb range, (and was 22 inches long).  He was skinny.  In no time, he plumped up.  When we transitioned to solids, he loved them.  Stage 1.  Stage 2.  Snacks.  Always on board.  Little man has been sporting a belly for as long as I can recall.

Stage 3 has been tougher.  He seems to not care for the texture, or the taste,  I’m also trying table foods.  Things like diced carrots, diced apples, peas, pasta, cheese.  Some he’ll tolerate.  Others he’ll not.

Today the day care said he had been refusing to eat his stage 3 baby food, and we might want to consider transitioning to more finger foods and items he can pick up with his fingers.  I surprised her by saying we had actually been trying that some, with mixed results.  We discussed ideas and things that go well with the other kids.  And I have plans for a grocery trip with new ideas for the weekend and next week.

BUT…I HAVE been doing finger foods and soft table foods with him at home too.  He refused mashed potatoes and green beans over Christmas.  He throws peas in the floor, spits out pasta, and gags and fusses about apples and carrots.  AND even though he loved them for a while, he now “drops” his crackers and says uh oh.  Here’s the kicker…he’s even turning down homemade pear sauce this week.

WHAT!  Formerly, K could eat a full jar of that if we let him.  Is this teething? (when in doubt, blame teeth).  Is this a phase?

I know I have a few mama readers, so I’m looking for ideas here.  Any tips on what your almost one year olds liked to eat?

Here’s a plate full of what K has deemed inedible.  (Ok, I feel you on the peas, and perhaps too soon for spaghetti…but pear sauce?  Cheese?  Cracker?  All “no go”s as well.

Here he is eating what used to be a favorite.  And you can see how thrilled he is.