K is 11 Months old!!

I know I said he changed a lot last time between 9 and 10 months.  But I’m saying it this time too…and it is true!

In addition to crawling at record speed, he’s now pulling up to stand on a regular basis.  At his “table” toy he also dances with the music!  His favorite is being chased.  He’ll “hide” behind the coffee table and peek around at you until you crawl after him.  Most nights daddy and I each make several laps before bedtime.

During the last month he had FOUR teeth break through on top!  That brings him to six total!  Great for chewing and biting on new foods (and everything else). But I think his gums are still sensitive.  He’s also really upped the drool factor this week.

Prior to this week I would have still bragged on his eating skills.  The day care finishes everything I send.  He still has cereal and yogurt for breakfast, then a stage 3 jar for lunch, an afternoon snack, and of course formula.  Dinner is usually cereal, pear sauce, then some sort of finger food or introduction to something from my plate.  This month he’s been introduced to diced carrots and apples courtesy of Gerber.  We’ve also tried mashed potatoes, green beans, cheese, peas, spaghetti, mac n cheese, dry cereals and pancakes.  The jury is out on most of those items.  He seems to be tired of the baby style food, but not quite ready for many finger foods.  Nonetheless, I’m working on a new plan for his day care foods to keep pushing him to try to self feed.  I’ll keep you posted on K’s eating habits.

As for communication, we had been working on saying and signing “more” and “all done” for meal times.  He seems to be learning to use all done.  He waves and says “buh bye”.  If you ask K how big he is, he will raise his hands up high and smile.  This morning when I asked, he held his hands apart to his sides as if telling you the size of a fish he had caught and said “big”.

He now says “car”, “got”, and continues to misuse “uh oh” while he intentionally drops, knocks over, or throws things.

His sleeping habits have gone down hill the past month.  Roughly 4 nights a week he’ll sleep soundly through the night.  The other 3 nights he’ll wake up 1 or 2 times.  We’ve attempted the CIO approach, but he gets soooo mad and has yet to cry himself back to sleep.  I find for now it’s easier to get to him quickly and get him back to sleep before he gets upset.  A soft voice and a good bottom pat go a long way.  And aside from being shorted a little sleep, mama doesn’t mind a little cuddle time.

This guy is super curious, in to everything, and BUSY!  He keeps mama and daddy on their toes.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way!  Here’s 11 month old K!

The chaos you’ll see here describes him well!   I recommend clicking on the first photo and viewing these as a larger slide show.