I generally keep things pretty lighthearted on here.  Fun pictures, what K eats, what K says, what we’re up to.  Today will have a different tone.
The world lost a very sweet soul today.  My Uncle B passed away from a number of health complications, and for his entire life has dealt with the result of a brain injury suffered when he was only a baby.
B had a purity and an innocence that is way too quickly fleeting in this world.  He had a love for life and an intrinsic joy that was not only contagious; it was humbling.  He made you see life differently.  Made you love harder.  Made you smile broader.  He had an appreciation for the simple things that in some ways I envied.  A front seat to life from the comfort of his front yard.  A sound track provided by none other than his trusty radio.
The world might say that B didn’t fit in.  And I say, thank goodness for that.  For I believe, in many ways, he taught us all far more than we ever taught him.  When we were a wave…he was a hug.  When we were a smile…he was a hearty chuckle.  When the rest of us were a hurried good-bye…he was an “I love you too”.
In the nearly 30 years I’ve been able to observe his life, I’ve also been blessed to see his relationship with my grandmother.  And if I can be half as loving, patient, supportive, and caring with K, it will be in part due to her Christian motherly example.  B may be in heaven now, but he’s been in the care of an angel for his entire life.
Rest peacefully B – the world is a better place for having had you in it.