A couple of recent snap shots to share…

Here are my boys NOT napping.  But they sure look cute pretending!  K loves it when we throw a pillow down.  He plops, flops, and rolls all around.  He’ll also pretend to nap; but just like in real life, his “rest” is short-lived.

And here’s K playing with catch me kitty, an early birthday present from his buddy.

It is also indirectly a photo of the most peaceful dishwashing session mama has had in weeks.  K was too busy chasing this cat to attempt to climb my legs!  I will say I hope this cat has more than 9 lives.  K is a pretty rough fella…!

I also want to say thanks to those who have sent well wishes to the family and me.  K and I will be traveling in for services.  Not sure how traveling as a two-some will go, but I’m equipped with Kidz Bop, a sippie in his cup holder, and high hopes!