K was visiting with his Mima and Mipa on his true birthday.  So we’re a little late in getting this out.  But, I hated to make it this far without posting his 12th and final monthly update.   So, for the last in the onesie/monkey series, here’s our 12 month old K.

12 Month K is quite the busy boy!  When he’s not hammering the floor, tickling daddy’s feet, crawling in a circle, pretending to be a lion, rearranging kitchen chairs, opening the few unlocked cabinets, cruising the couch, dancing to his music, squealing, babbling, or laughing…(shew!) he’s cuddling with his mama, reading books, and giving kisses.

K is transitioning in to 18 month clothes.  Although he can still wear several 12 month items, and one of his sets of PJs is 24 month.

He weighs around 24 pounds, and is…tall.  I’ll have more exact measurements on the 29th.

He eats pancakes or dry cereal with yogurt or bananas for breakfast.  Lunch is a toddler meat/veggie tub with applesauce or another fruit.   Dinner is a hodge podge, but usually includes a little cereal and fruit, cheese, crackers, and some sort of item he’s refusing to eat.  He’s drinking most of his milk from a cup these days, although we’ve continued to use a bottle for before bed time.  He also drinks water and occasionally diluted juice.

He says dada, mama, uh oh, all done, papaw, ball, this, that, buh-bye and hi with regularity.  His other words seem to come in waves, or are one time deals, but have included Rachel, Mickey, Cooper, again, applesauce, cheese (like for a camera), cracker, pizza, tractor, bike and a few others.  He also squeals, makes monkey noises, imitates other sounds, and has THE best laugh.  We’ve also been working on signs, and he is fairly consistent with “eat”, “all done” and “more”.

He can point to noses (mostly daddy’s) and bellies (mostly daddy’s).  In his books he can identify a handful of animals, their noses, eyes, and a few other objects, like ball, pizza, pumpkins, etc.

K is happiest when we’re all three in the floor together playing.   If he’s on his own, he’ll entertain himself by digging in to his radio flyer wagon and dragging out today’s toy of choice.

He stands well with support, and cruises the couch, but isn’t fond of walking yet, even with the helping hands of mama and daddy.  He seems strong enough, but is still working on his balance.

He sleeps through the night more often than not.  But he still wakes in the night some.  Usually a quick pat or a drink of water and he’s back to sleep easily.  Other times…it’s a battle.

Here’s our silly monkey.  Looks like we’re abandoning the chair shot just in time!

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