This is not round two of his checkup, just the post which I swear I typed, but apparently didn’t save somehow before posting.

So the vague post was an accident.  Here are more details!

K measured in at 24 lb 4 oz, 31 inches long, and continues to have a big noggin.  The doctor was very pleased with how verbal he is.  During the appointment he panted like the puppies that were pictured on the wall, and he continually said “all done” and reached toward the door.  It seems he wasn’t a fan.  I knew we were in trouble when he started crying when he was just being measured.  As you can imagine, the vaccines didn’t go any better.

But it was still a good appointment.  She’s pleased with the types of things he is eating, and gave us the go ahead to switch to 2% milk, try honey flavored items, and even peanut products!  I put a tiny bit of peanut butter on a PBJ today for his lunch, and he loved it!  I thought that was usually age 2, but given that he has shown no signs of allergies yet, she said we could experiment with it and see how it goes.

She was not concerned that he wasn’t walking yet.  He stands, cruises, and shows signs of progress.  And he put on a display of strength when fighting off the nurses.  It seems he just needs to get better balance.  And as she pointed out, fighting off an ear infection the last few weeks probably hasn’t helped with that either.

As I mentioned in a different post, she also told us it would be ok to let him cry it out (CIO).  We started that night, and it has gone MUCH better than the last time we attempted it.  We’ve had a 15 minute crying spell, a 3 minute crying spell, and a mild fuss that he didn’t even bother to stand for.  And he slept through the night all 3 times!!!  I guess he was more ready for this than I was.  But I’m glad mama got the nudge I needed.

K continues to bless and amaze us every day.  He’s such a joy to be around.  Hard to beleive his first year is over!