I thought I’d give an update on K’s sleep efforts.   Since we started this latest round of the cry it out method last week…we’re to the point where we need to rename the method…no crying!  Tonight when I laid K down, he flopped over to get cozy, and went right to sleep!  It has been going incredibly well, with K usually only crying as long as it takes me to get out of his room and shut the door.  Our routine includes pjs and brushed teeth, a little quieter play time/book time, then upstairs to rock while we say our prayers, followed up with a final kiss good night.

Not only is K being a big boy at bed time…he’s becoming such a big boy ALL of the time!

Here he is blowing to cool off his dinner bites!

Here’s a happy boy saying “mmmm” while enjoying his favorite…fruit!

And here’s a silly boy showing mama he figured out how to crawl out of his pants!

Look mama, one hand!

And finally…panting like the doggies in his book.

I am so proud of how fast he is growing up, yet frightened by  it all at the same time.  This little bundle of personality is such a blessing!