This is more for my own recollection later on than anything…so if you’re not interested in hearing me brag to my future self about my smart little boy, feel free to skip down to the photos…

In case you haven’t figured it out…this IS K’s baby book…


I won’t always do monthly posts now that he’s over one year, but he’s changed and grown so much over the past month!  13 month old K can do so many new things!

K can correctly identify a handful of animals…most of the time.  He can make the sounds for a puppy dog, monkey, and owl.  If you help remind him, or give a clue, he can do several others, like cow, pig, lion, and duck.  He’ll try to mimic almost any sound we make.  Tonight he tried to whistle like daddy!

He can correctly identify nose, tongue, eye, belly, and foot.  He prefers to point them out on daddy more than anyone else.

He flies his airplanes through the air.  And if you ask him what a plane does, he holds his arms out and “zooms”.

He makes engine noises for his cars and tractors.  He even makes a motor sound for himself when he uses his push walker!

He throws his arms up if he even thinks you might ask him how big he is.  …Or if you say the word “big” in an unrelated conversation.   Is it really his fault if he thinks it’s all about him?  I blame mama for that one…


He holds his little finger up when you sing “This little light of mine” and wiggles it around to the tune.

When we read “8 silly monkeys” he wags his finger at the book while you say “no more monkeys jumping on the bed”.

He loves music.  TV  commercials, mama singing, and musical books all result in his little wiggly dance.  So adorable.

He throws his sippie on the floor after nearly every drink.  (Not adorable, and we’re working on it.)  Aside from a few ounces at night on occasion, he is bottle free and drinking entirely from cups.

He now spits out food he doesn’t like and fake cries.  Fantastic.  This might also occur with food he loves if he just feels like being ornery.  Tonight he spit out grilled cheese?!  Fantastic-er.

His fine motor skills have taken a leap forward.  Suddenly, he can get coins in his toy piggy bank and shapes in his sorter.   This often results in self initiated applause.   Such a ham.

He’s getting stronger too.  He’s trying so hard to stand without support.  From the middle of the floor he’ll stick his bum up in the air and try to straighten up, but either he doesn’t quite get his hands off the ground, or he topples over soon after.  He’s getting there though!  I have high hopes that by summer, we’ll be chasing him all over the back yard!  He cruises like a champ, loves to climb, and is doing great with his push walker.  Baby steps!  (Pun intended)

Speaking of outside, we try to go out on the warmer days to either take a walk, or blow bubbles.  K LOVES being outside!

He goes to bed without tears most of the time, falls asleep on his own, and sleeps through the night!  AND bed time seems to keep scooting earlier!  It is rare for him to be up past 8:00 lately.

What a big boy!   What a proud mama!  What a big month!

Isn't this where you keep your remotes?