Thanks once again to some gorgeous weather, we spent most of the weekend outdoors/in the garage.  J got his bikes cleaned up, and even took one of them out for a drive.  K took his new wheels for a ride too.  By the way, it is not solar-powered, the random white thing over his head is a moveable sun shade.  And yes his feet reach those black rests, but he mostly held them up to feel the breeze on his toes.

We grilled lots, we watched basketball, mama went in to work…  well that doesn’t fit in.  But it was only for a short while, and it gave J and K some time to play together.  K and I also went to the mall, where I found an Easter dress.  We priced out a deck.  And Saturday we celebrated St Patty’s day with our own version of Shamrock Shakes.  Sunday included church, lunch at Culver’s, and a lot of play time.

Here are some pics!