We’ve been practicing walking with K.  We call it “step step” and try to make it a fun experience. The trouble is he has to be willing.  Turns out he doesn’t get much exercise or practice out of it when he refuses to put his feet down, or when he lets his knees bend and crawls away.  He does not agree that step step is fun.

He has a push walker we’ve been using, but the normal routine had been that we stick him behind it, and he either squats and plays with it, or makes one trip across the living room then abandons it.

BUT…this weekend he started going to it on his own!

Then he started making multiple trips across the room!

Then he started turning it around completely on his own!

Then he ventured on to the more slippery (at least for sock feet) kitchen tile!


The result is a confident push walkin boy who is learning so quickly how to maneuver!  He’s still a while from walking independently, as he needs to work on his balance.  But he’s certainly taking ‘steps’ in the right direction!  Here are way too many pictures considering this is technically non event…


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