It’s as good as it sounds.  Like cake batter, in a cool-whip ish form.    Or heaven, in a cool-whip ish form.

I found the recipe on pinterest thanks to this gal’s blog, then made some of my own edits.


The original recipe called for:

3 parts funfetti cake mix

2 parts plain yogurt

1 part cool whip


I strayed from that more than I meant to. I ended up dumping the whole box of cake mix in, then used 8 oz of cool whip, and two small containers of plain yogurt.  Not because I thought that was the perfect mix, it was just what I had.

And it worked.

I stirred all that up, added in a few more sprinkles, then chilled it.  It firmed up, but not enough that you couldn’t scoop it up with a vanilla wafer.  SOOOOO GOOOOD!  It would make a perfect party dip!

And since I made a lot, I’ll be partying all week!