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Fashionably late on the Easter post.  Try to hide your shock.

K and I visited with my family over the long Easter weekend.  He had sooo much fun playing with his cousins!  We got a glimpse of what it is going to be like on vacation with all four kids…and it will be fun…and loud…no doubt!

Here are some pics of the kids playing:

K participated in his first Easter Egg Hunt at church!  He put 7 eggs in his bucket, then fell in love with a green one and decided he didn’t need any more.  Turns out 8 was a magic number.  He won a prize!  …for getting the fewest eggs in his age category.

He then went on his second and third Easter Egg Hunt when we played with more eggs at Papaw and Nanas.  The prize?  The love and protection of Mollie the Collie.


And what Easter post would be complete without a sweater vest?  Fear not!  Here you go!