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K has a checkup with a heart specialist on Friday.  If you’ve been reading for a while, you may recall the topic from a previous post.

When K showed no signs of a worsening condition at his 3 month checkup, the doctor planned a follow-up around 6 months, and again after one year.  In preparation for Friday, and in order to give the Dr more time to review the results, K and I went in today to get the Echo and EKG done.  Given that there are times I can barely wrestle him down long enough to get a clean diaper on him…I knew how well this would go largely (ok entirely…) depended on his cooperation.

Armed with toys, books, a blanket, snacks, and a sippie, K and I braved the scary elevator to the 2nd floor.  Did I say scary?  I did.  I personally didn’t find it that bad, but K whimpered and did his quivery lip when the doors shut.  .:Oh boy…if THIS scares him he’s going to LOVE the dark room with machines and a stranger…:.

The technician was prepared for a busy, skittish, mama lovin 1 year old.  She had a quiet soothing voice, let me lay with him, and put on Barney so K could watch and sing along.  When he first showed some signs of being over it (by which I mean he tried to roll away and started repeating “all done, all done, all done”)…she asked if I would allow him to have a sucker.  I said yes, and K was entertained for the remainder of the session.  Sure, he smeared it all over his face,  stuck it to my neck, his neck, the technicians arm, his head…my head…but during the stickiness and the “Mmms”! the technician believes she got some great shots in.

I am thankful today went well, and am hoping and praying Friday’s update is a non event as well.

Because K laid so still and didn’t get scared, he and mama celebrated with some play time and dinner at the park.  He enjoyed the swings, a “steering wheel” and of course the slide the most.  Because I don’t have four hands, there are not pictures of every moment of our endeavors, but here are a few pics of our K enjoying a beautiful day.

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