We’ve been discussing getting an outdoor playset for K.  I’ve gone back and forth on how much to spend, whether to think more about something he’ll love now, or something that will last him for years.  We’ve looked as small as a tree hung swing, and as large as a 3 swing plus playhouse from those wooden assemble yourself sets.

After taking K to the park, and in particular after observing how much fun he has on the playset at church – we finally honed in on something we know he’ll love this summer, but also think he could enjoy for another summer or two.

The Step 2 Clubhouse Climber!  K will swing, but for now is much happier being on the loose, climbing, sliding, and being the king of his castle.  So this one is a perfect fit!  He can climb up it himself, loves playing on the bridge, and slides down with a celebratory “wee”!  He just discovered the underneath portion just before we were heading in for the afternoon, but it seems he is going to love crawling under and through it too.  Here are some pics of K exploring his new playset.  I have a feeling this will be where we spend lots of evenings!

Click on the pics to view larger!