Our little guy is 15 months old!

At  his routine well baby visit, K measured in at 25 lb 5 oz, 32 inches, and a consistently off the chart head.  (Big brain?)

K loves to read, and is getting better at pointing out objects in the books when we ask him to.  As a result, new words such as “baby” “butterfly” and “wing” have emerged recently.

Speaking of words, his vocabulary hit a spurt again recently!  Most common words are mama, dada, no, hi, buh bye, night night, baby, blue blues (blue berries), cracker, cheese, outside, ball, dog, tree, bird, quack, up, thank you, oh-no, and a handful of others…even “sausage”!  He can point to and sometimes say nose, eye, ear, hair, shoes, and can also identify his belly, tongue, fingers, and toes.

He loves bath time, and is a big help afterward, sticking his bum straight up in the air and wiggling it? as well as attempting to brush his own hair.   Ok, neither of those are helpful, but they sure are cute.

We’ve been working on animal sounds.  He has mastered panting like a dog, and quacking like a duck.  He can also tweet, neigh, and whoot (like an owl) and he’s an EXCELLENT monkey.  We’re looking forward to a trip to the zoo in June so he can see more animals in person!

K also enjoys making fish faces, dancing, “wiggle wiggle”ing and climbing on anything and everything.

We’ve devoted most of our evening family time to physical development lately.  K can climb the stairs by himself, and after weeks of practice…K is officially a walker!  It is not his only mode of transportation, but it seems he prefers walking and cruising over crawling finally.  He looks a bit like Frankenstein, or a sumo wrestler, but he can work on style now that he’s finally upright!

K eats like a champ.  Fruit is still his favorite, and he could probably eat his weight in blueberries.  Other favorites include pizza, mac n cheese, pancakes, and toast with apple butter.    He drinks 2% milk and water from sippie cups, and is learning to use his own fork and spoon.  THAT’s a messy a process thus far.  🙂  Maybe we’ll eat outside more this summer…

To celebrate our healthy growing boy we went for ice cream after the appointment, and K and mama shared a strawberry sundae.  To that he said “mmmmm”.

So…because I can’t possibly tell you every single detail about him, (no matter how hard I tried above) and because they say a picture is worth a thousand words…here are a few pics…


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