K stayed with his Nana and Papaw this week.  As much work as having a toddler around can be – I’ve missed him the whole time.  Sure, being able to pee without a visitor was nice.  And I could work in the kitchen without tripping over an abandoned toy.  And I didn’t have to wash 10 extra spoons each night.   But I missed my little shadow so much.  We had our chance to be young and free again…and I kept thinking I’d rather be cuddling up with K for story time.  So while I don’t think it was possible for absence to make me fonder of him, it did help me confirm that there’s absolutely nothing in this world I would rather be than K’s mama. 

That said – it also gave me a chance to reflect a little on who I am IN ADDITION to K’s mama.  If you know me well, you know I’ve started, and quit countless hobbies and adventures.  Quite frankly, I’m not sure what makes me ME.  What I’m known for.  What defines me.   (For the record – it’s not knitting).

This week – I started running.  (Stop laughing).  I want to be healthier, and in better shape.  While running is a somewhat miserable experience for me – it’s a budget friendly way to get in shape.  With the right stroller, it’s also something that can include K occasionally.   

I’m through the first of 9 weeks of the couch to 5K challenge.  I’m looking at jogging strollers, and scanning the area for 5K’s in the fall.  I’m gung ho.  I’m legit. 

For now.

I’ll likely fizzle out on this venture as well.  And that’s ok. 

Because maybe the fact that I’m never quite satisfied… 

     That I’m always seeking a little something more… 

          That I never feel “done”…   

       I’m a work in progress.  And maybe that’s what makes me ME.


And until something else hits…I’m also a runner.