No way did I imagine I’d be saying that before K turns 18 months.  But I did.  And I am.

Am I ready?  Not sure.  There’s certainly a convenience to a diaper when traveling, (which we do plenty of) and running errands (which everyone does plenty of).  And I’m not eager to push my baby to be a big boy.

But the more important question – is he ready?  And I’m afraid the answer might be yes.  Or at least maybe.  Is that even an answer?

Let’s evaluate:

  • K is increasingly mobile.  So that’s not a reason to wait at this time.
  • K is a great communicator, probably in line with that of the average two-year old.  (More on that in his 18 month update).   In fact, he’s started using potty terms with increasing frequency.
  • K is an imitator.
  • K is starting to wake up from naps dry at day care.

Add all those up, and we have a shot at being ready.  But I still wanted to leave it up to K’s willingness.  I bought a potty to have around so that he could learn it isn’t scary to sit on it.  And he has a little Elmo potty book that we haven’t even read to him yet, but he loves pushing the button with the flush sound.  I thought we’d just plant some seeds on the concept and give it a bit longer.

In less than 3 days from when we bought the potty, he ASKED to sit on it to “pee pee”.  He didn’t actually do anything…but we still celebrated his attempt.  We’ve been busy, so I haven’t really pushed it again.   But I plan to incorporate it in to our evening routine this week and see how it goes!

Way to soon or right on time?  Only time will tell!