I’ve mentioned that K would be transitioning out of the infant room at day care and in to a toddler room soon.  That transition started this week.  So far…so great!


Day 1 report:

Hand painting!  Had a great 1st day!

Day 2 report:

We made caterpillars!  Had a great 2nd day and enjoyed the cot!  😀


I also talked to the teachers at the end of each day.  On day 1, I was told that during circle time K was the only one speaking up and making animal noises.  And that he had a blast.   On day 2, I found out that during a spell where every kid in the room had a mini breakdown at the same time, K stood by patiently and smiled at her.  When I picked him up he was running around the muscle room playing on the slide and wasn’t quite ready to leave.   So happy to hear he’s liking it so far.  Makes being at work all day a little easier knowing he’s having fun!