K man is 18 months old today!

He weighs 27 pounds, and is…tall.  We’ll get the “real” stats at his upcoming well baby visit.

K is a handful these days!  He talks SOOO much.  I’m constantly surprised by something he’ll repeat, or use on his own in context.  He has easily said over 150 words.  I know this because there may or may not be a spreadsheet…(dork alert).  He’s using phrases more often as well such as “more milk” “bye bye mickey” and “night night daddy”. 

Numbers and letters aren’t his thing yet.  He mostly only says 2, K, or A, and never at the right time.   But it is still cute when he tries.

Some days he can show you blue, green, purple yellow, orange, and red.  Some days everything is green, except green. So I’m not sure if he ever knows, or if some days he gets lucky.

He can identify and name circles, stars, and hearts.

He knows animals well!  He can identify lots, will name several, and imitates quite a few as well. 

K knows body parts well too!  His latest is addition is Elbow!

He’s showing a little interest in tv now.  Sesame street is a favorite as he was already an Elmo fan from books and products.  We’ll sit together and watch it sometimes when we first get home.  But he prefers to PLAY PLAY PLAY.  He plays HARD!  And sometimes…rough…  He’s becoming more and more boy.  Roaring like a lion, throwing balls (and blocks and spoons and food), and pouncing on anyone who dares lay on the carpet. 

I’m not sure what his favorite toys are because he seems to rotate them pretty equally.  In general he likes tractors and trucks, trains, dinosaurs, bears, dogs, blocks, puzzles, and the play kitchen at his cousin’s house.  Books are also still a hit.  We probably read an average of 5-6 per day.  Each one at K’s request. 

He’s gaining independence in many ways.  He uses spoons and forks fairly often, and it’s getting less messy.  (ha).  He does a pretty good job of brushing his own teeth now.  I still follow-up a little, but he mostly gets it done!  He also prefers to walk as much as possible, climb the stairs on his own, and “help” with laundry, dishes, or daddy’s garage tasks.

He loves music and can be caught swinging his hips or shaking his finger to the beat whenever there’s one to be heard.

To document the milestone, we grabbed a mini chalkboard and hit the streets!  “CHEESE”!