Not the beachy kind…the squirmy splashy giggling kind!  That’s the name of K’s swim class!  He attended for the 3rd time just this week.  I’m not sure what my expectations were, but I feel like they’ve been exceeded.  The class is well ran…and K LOVES to “shwim”!

For class number one, mama underestimated the time it would take to get there and get geared up…so we were roughly 2 minutes late.  Late enough that everyone was already in the pool splashing, singing, and making a raucous.  It looked like a party to me!  But K was a little overwhelmed…and uninterested.  We spent the next 15 minutes warming up to the idea, then discovered the joy of blowing bubbles in the water.  It’s been true love ever since!

K now has to be held back until it is time for our class to start.  In fact, on Monday of this week he woke up and immediately started asking daddy about the “shwim pool?”.

What do we do?  Well…

We sing songs like Teapot, Hokie Pokie, Wheels on the Bus and do motions while splashing in the water.  They stand on the side and sing the monkey and alligator song and practice jumping in to the arms of their awaiting parents.  They practice laying on their bellies and backs while making circles, and going through tunnels.  They get a small toy to throw and then “swim” to.  And this week…they got to slide in to water!  K loves ALL of it!  Well…see for yourself…this week daddy was in town and was able to come take some pictures of the chaos.   And the many faces of mama (sheesh).

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