K went to his 18 month checkup today – a little late.  So he is actually 19.5 months.

He did…terrible!  Once we started walking back to the room, the panic was pretty much non-stop.  He wouldn’t even get on the scale, so I weighed myself with and without him.  (Yikes)

Keeping in mind he was not a willing participant in any of these measurements, we believe K:

Weighs 29 pounds (80%)

Is 34.5 inches tall (90%)

And has a consistently off the charts head.

Good news – He’s a healthy growing boy!!

Bad news – Mama is healthy and GROWING too?  I weighed more than I thought.  (I was wearing boots?)

Good news – He did not try to bite or kick the doctor.

Bad news – Apparently pediatricians EXPECT to get kicked and bit?

Good news – Healthy lungs!  K can yell “no” “all done” “bye bye doctor” “up mommy” and “no more” with surprising volume and clarity. 

Bad news – Not even an Elmo sticker could stop the madness.  Elmo is losing his power.

Good news – He sure loves his mama and thinks I can help him escape all evil. (Take THAT Elmo!)