We wanted to get one more camping trip in before putting the camper away for the winter.  AND K has never been to a UK football game.  Obvious answer – take K to Lex-town for a camping trip and UK game!

Friday night we made time for a little bed time snack and play time.  K and daddy took turns pushing the train and eating K’s new favorite snack – teddy bears with “hair” (dipped in peanut butter).

We enjoyed being near the playground on Saturday, and as you’ll see in one picture below, K practiced jumping off of things – and had a face plant or two.

We also got to grill burgers and get in some playground time with cousin Bradley and his crew!  (But failed to remember to take even one single picture…)

Saturday afternoon nap-time arrived for the 3 of us.  (We realized the pack n play days are numbered for K.  He now stretches the full length of it!)  We then rudely interrupted nap time to get dressed up and go to the football game!  K was not too sure about this – but eventually cheered up.  Before kick off, we stopped in for some pizza at one of my favorite college spots – Pazzo’s!

The game itself was also fun.  Despite it starting at 7:00, (his bed time is 8:00) he hung in there like a trooper!  He loved the band, loud cheering, and when we left our seats in the 2nd quarter to find my friend Erin, he LOVED the room to run!  He would yell “Go Big Blue” and we were fairly close to getting the CATS cheer right.  We saw some signs of K finally wearing down, so we decided not to push our luck and left around the end of the 3rd quarter.  We all slept like rocks!

Sunday we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, then packed up and drove home so we could winterize.  Farewell for the winter, camper!  It’s been a fun few weeks, and we look forward to a summer full of camping next year!


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