We pray with K each night before bed.  We are thankful for lots of things, pray for our family members by name, and ask for a few special, although generally routine requests as well.  As we wrap up, K ends it with an “Amen” and a “night night!”.

Recently, K has even been joining in when we mention our family, often contributing names to pray for.  (Pawpaw and Mipa “Pipa” are frequently his own requests, as are Jordan, and his day care friend Claire).

Since he is starting to participate more, tonight I decided to come up with a few simple phrases and encourage him to say them out loud himself.

With my help, K prayed the following:


“Dear God”

“I love you”

“Thank you for my family”

“Help me be a good boy”



When the tears slowed a bit, I reflected on that simple prayer and compared it to my own rambling prayers.   The prayers in which my mind wanders and I jump from worry to worry, request to request, opinion to opinion with little time for a “thanks” or heaven forbid…time for God to speak.

Perhaps every now and then, simple is…ok.  And faith like a child…desireable.

Dear God,  I love you.  Thank you for everything you have blessed me with.  Help me serve you more.  Amen.