We’ve had quite the Halloween celebration.  I mentioned in a previous post that we took a trip to the pumpkin train, where K picked out a cute little pumpkin.

On Tuesday, we went to our town’s Halloween parade.  K didn’t dress up, but wore his dinosaur jacket.  He loved the fire engines, big trucks, marching bands, and birds flying overhead. (heh?)  We watched it along some friends and cousins…but this is the closest I got to a group shot…

The randomness you see there sums up the night well.  K is feeding snacks to Minnie mouse.  Skunk is confused.  Frog is happy.  Pumpkin is sleeping through it all.

Here’s K with his snag of the night.



Wednesday night we went to the family festival at our church.  The theme was Candy Land, and they did a great job!  (Tons more pics in the slide show).

K tried his paw at a few games.


His favorite game room involved hunting for candy in the kiddie pools full of ball pit balls and packing peanuts. We took a break for a quick sugar fix.  See K below feeding a cookie to a toy M&M.  Is that some form of cannibalism?  He mostly preferred walking on the “candy land” board walkways rather than going in the actual game rooms.  Please excuse him as he blocks the path.  What a cute road block though, right?

Thursday was trick or treat night!  K dressed up as a pirate and hit the streets!



Suckers are his loot of choice.  This is one happy /sticky / messy boy.


And this is one proud, happy, mama.

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