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…for gathering with friends, celebrating Christmas, eating too much…also sniffles, coughs, and random stomach bugs.  We attempted to combine all of those in to one event.

We invited 3 other couples and their combined 4 kids over for dinner on Saturday.  Before we even made it to Saturday, one couple and 3 kids were out due to a losing battle with colds.  By Saturday, everything seemed to be going smoothly.  I was on track to have everything ready on time.  The oven was busy, cheese, fruit, and a dessert were done, tables were set…but K had other plans.

He ended up getting sick.  On me.


Fast forward – one of the couples agreed to host at their house without us at the last minute.  So they were down to 4 adults and a newborn.  And a LOT of potatoes.  I delivered our contribution, took a little snack to go…and came back to take care of the little guy.

He ended up getting sick twice.  Like…REALLY gross, I can’t believe I’m cleaning this up kind of sick.  But…he magically felt better afterward.  He laid low, and mostly spent the evening in my lap watching Mickey.

I couldn’t help but think of how easy it used to be to get together with friends.  Last minute trips.  Planned parties.  Spontaneous game nights.  I contrasted that with how busy, yet unpredictable our schedules have become.

But also, how full my heart is now.

And I knew that even as I sat there, with ruined plans, an afternoon of wasted effort, *that* smell being slowly covered by a candle, while watching a repeat of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for at least the 15th time…I wouldn’t go back for anything in the world.