Holy smokes, where have we been! Because it is already 2013, I won’t spend a ton of time recapping moments from 2012. I mean, that was last year people.

But I can’t move on too much without a little Christmas recap.

This was K’s second Christmas, but in some ways it felt like a first. At 10 months, he wasn’t quite feeling the spirit last year. This year, he loved the tree, thought our neighborhood had “pretty lights!”, understood and answered questions about what he wanted for Christmas (choo choos…more choos…), and liked getting presents. Note I didn’t say he liked opening presents. He likes to farm that job out to mama. Nonetheless, we had a great Christmas, and were so thankful to be able to visit with lots of family from both sides, AND wake up at home on Christmas morning. And it was such a joy to see the season from K’s fresh perspective. Here are a few pics. Enjoy!

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