We had our first go at a non-familiar babysitter this weekend.  We needed someone to watch K during an afternoon church class for which childcare was not provided.  I was a little apprehensive but knew we needed to push forward with finding a babysitter in general, and this event seemed to be the push I needed.  I met with her last week, and didn’t see any reason NOT to hire her.  And better yet…K took to her immediately, showing her his “black and green!” choo choos.  (His current two favorites).

Sunday went well! K greeted her at the door with a “hiiii”.  She said K asked about us a time or two, but was content with being told we would be back.  He played hard, and when he was getting tired, asked to watch Mickey.  After his dose of Mickey he laid down for his nap and went right to sleep.  Then she was able to knock out some homework while K slept upstairs.  She let us know she’s willing to come back any time.  And K agreed he’d love to play with her again.

I met with a 2nd and 3rd gal this week.  Each of them also seems fantastic.  The 3rd gal didn’t bat an eye when she got a glimpse at a hyper K, who couldn’t stop running in circles and telling us he was “so fast” and “wild and crazy”.  😀

We’ve got a birthday date night planned so one of them can get a first visit under their belt.  Then we’re working on a 3rd opportunity in the coming weeks as well.  If all goes well, we’ll soon have 3 solid options for an extra set of hands from time to time!  And we’ll need those hands as he becomes lightly more… “wild and crazy”!