K’s party is Saturday, but I wanted to celebrate TODAY as well.  We started with a happy birthday song this morning.  K joined in and then asked to blow out a candle.  😀

We took in the afternoon snack at day care to share with his friends.  K took in brownies, strawberries, and cool whip.  It was a huge hit!  I’m told photos will soon follow.

His 2 year appt was this afternoon.  He behaved shockingly well.  If that doesn’t surprise you…read this.

He stood on the scale like a statue, jumped off when she said “all done”, laid still for his height measurement, was great for the doctor, and when we were done asked for a sticker.  This Dr even said he was one of the best two year olds he’s seen in a long time.  I giggled because the doctor who saw us at 18 months wouldn’t have recognized this imposter.  It was actually weird…but hopefully it can be repeated going forward.  As a HUGE  bonus…the Dr thought his heart sounded great.  We’ll still be going in for a check up in April, but Ritz says it’s possible K has outgrown his issue!

After the doctor visit, we went to get a red balloon and an ice cream treat!  K was thrilled with both.  We came home in time to play, talk to daddy, feed the fishies, and soak in some fun time!  Here are a few pics of our mini celebration!