K is 24 months old today!

Wait…isn’t that two years?  Let’s process that for a moment.  Sigh…

Ok, so K is 2 years old today!

He is equal parts boy and blessing.  He’s generally either bruised or dirty.  Often both.  But he’s also full of hugs, love, and giggles.

Some of his recent accomplishments include spelling his hame, counting to 15, (actually leaving the ground when he) jumps, and walking up and down stairs upright.  Shapes and colors are boring now and we’ve moved on to letters.

Why the bruises?  He’s become a dare-devil of sorts.  As I type he’s climbing on the couch and rolling off on to the floor.  If he can’t find something to climb, he just falls down on purpose.  He loves standing on his pottery barn kids chair and flipping it over.  And for reasons I can’t explain, he’ll randomly hit himself in the head with toys.  I said “of sorts”…because as rough and tumble as he is…his has his limits.  And that limit includes innocent kids rides, or the penny horse at Meijer.  It seems those are too dangerous for him.

K is smart as can be.  He talks in sentences, can and will repeat anything, follows commands (if he wants to) and can repeat steps back to us.  He can sing his ABCs, Row Row Row your boat, Happy Birthday, and a handful of others.

If I’m painting too rosy of a picture for you to believe, here are some of the “two-year old” traits we’re also seeing.  He throws toys for fun.  He randomly tells people to “stop!” and scolds them.  He is in a very picky phase with foods.  He plays too rough fairly often.  And he can be very stubborn.

But on days like today, when we have a fantastic doctor visit, he behaves like an angel, and proudly tells everyone we see “I’m two!”…  And most importantly, when he gets a flawless health report…the thrown toys, ignored beans, and wrestling matches gone wrong are long forgotten.

In short…I often feel undeserving of such a wonderful blessing to our family.  But I’m thankful that for whatever reason, God gave him to us.

Here are a few stats and favorites:

31 pounds

35 inches

Off the chart head…

Food: pizza or yogurt

Drink: chocolate milk

TV Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Friend: Jameson

Babysitter: Matt and Rachel

Toys: Choo choos and his “wheelies” ramp

Book: The Little Engine That Could

Game/Song: Ring Around The Rosie


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