Here’s a glimpse in to K’s Thomas party!

Work has been busy, and I’ve been attempting to study on evenings and weekends…so we wanted a low maintenance party.  I also wanted to focus on K’s favorites, rather than MY favorites…so pizza seemed like a clear winner.

Throw in an ice cream cake, a few more simple snacks, easy decorations…and voila!  We’ve got ourselves a party!

K seemed to have a great time, as did his friends and cousins.  He received lots of cool presents, including choo choo trains and Thomas items, blocks, books, trucks, a scooter, clothes, play doh, a t-ball set, and some swimming and camping gear for our summer trips!  All in all, it was a success!  Thanks to all who helped with the party and/or celebrated with us!  We happen to think he’s too special NOT to celebrate!

Choo Choo! Percy and Thomas flashlights led the way. Train table runner with snacks.Happy Birthday! Helping Nana set up

Birthday ride! The balloon towing tricycle was a hit! CHEESE! We had a special photographer! A little advice from a cousin who has this whole gift opening thing down! Ready to go camping! Patiently waiting play time! Scooting along My turn! Why won't it go? Thank goodness for tunnels! Making spaghetti Time for cake! Blow! Cousinly Love