All right…who told K about the terrible twos? It wasn’t me! But he knows. HE KNOWS! We’re having at least one breakdown per day. I intentionally didn’t say tantrum. Tantrum makes me picture a kid on the ground flailing. Perhaps inconsolable. We’re not there …YET… So far it seems he’s just genuinely distraught and emotional over surprising things.

Like not getting to turn on the light.

Or running out of applesauce.

Yep. That’s all it takes. Alligator tears and barely comprehendible pleas for a minute or two.

The good news is he recovers well. So he has his moment…gets really upset…then goes back to the fun side of being 2. And for the most part, you can talk him through it and get him to tell you why he’s upset. So I’m sure it could be (and may soon be) worse. But wow…2 came in a hurry.

I’ll leave you with this story that is likely only entertaining to me and J.

On our way home one evening, we decide to have cheeseburgers for dinner. I know K isn’t likely to eat one, but I try to talk it up the whole way home to get him excited about the idea. The excitement is building, and K is now reciting “K eat a cheeseburger, mommy eat a cheeseburger, daddy eat a cheeseburger, Lydia eat a cheeseburger!” (a neighbor friend, who he apparently decided should come eat cheeseburgers with us!)

Fast forward a few minutes. We are now home and I’m putting away the groceries. K spots me putting a chicken nugget lunchable in the fridge…decides THAT is a cheeseburger…and panics.

“I want my cheeseburger!”

“We have to cook the cheeseburgers, they aren’t ready yet”.

“I want that cheeseburger!”

“That wasn’t a cheeseburger, that was a pack of chicken nuggets. We’ll start dinner right now and you’ll have a cheeseburger soon. “

K then throws himself against the fridge in a pile of exasperated tears and with his hands held high he pleas…“CHEEEEESSSSBURGERRRRRRR”

Fast forward again. We’re at the dinner table now. K does a headcount and asks where Lydia is. He then asks to hold his cheeseburger and I think maybe just maybe…but guess who refused to take a bite after realizing a cheeseburger is another tricky word for meat?

In case you’re wondering, he refused to eat the nuggets later that week too.