If you’re reading this because you actually care about how I do on the CPA exam, then bless your heart, you deserve to get this news first.

So I DID pass a test during my 6th week of studying…

DSC_0721 copy


😀  While studying one Sunday afternoon, I couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe, just maybe…so I took a break to take a test…and two little pink lines stared back at me!

I quickly called daddy and K up to celebrate.  K wasn’t sure what we were celebrating…but he was on board for a party!

DSC_0722 DSC_0730

If you know our crew well, then you may know that it took us a little while to conceive K.  Not a LONG time, but long enough that I wanted to be cautious about waiting too long to start the journey to #2.  We talked a lot.  We prayed about timing.  We concluded that we would start the process and let God work it out for us.  In the end, we know He gave us the exact right child at the exact right time with K, and trusted that He would do the same thing this time.

Well, two months in God said “how about now?”.

And just this week we found out he also said “how about TWO?”  😀

That’s right, TWINS!

That part was a bit of a shocker.  In fact, I think we’re still processing the idea of becoming a family of 5.  Let’s just say nursery arrangements are changing, shopping plans have increased, and visions of mini vans dance in my head.  But despite the shock, we couldn’t be more excited.  Even this guy is in on the secret, and when asked will say “mommy has two babies”.