How far along? 10 weeks

How big are the babies? Each is just over an inch long and weighs in around a quarter of an ounce.

Weight gain? 2 lbs as of this morning. Some days that’s as high as 3 or as low as zero. That sounds low…but it still within the target range at this point even for twins. I’m sure I’ll more than make up for that later! Especially once food starts to taste good again.

Maternity clothes? No need yet! Although I have a new shirt or two from Target that I’ve worn just because I like them.

Sleep? Pretty good so far. There’s usually a 3 AM potty break…but otherwise I’m sleeping pretty well. I’m already trying to get in the habit of sleeping on my left side instead of my back, but that’s a hard habit to form. I’m napping in the evenings more once K heads to bed.

Pregnancy symptoms: I’m still nauseous most of the time. Not enough to get sick. Just enough to grumble and moan throughout the day. (Sorry work neighbor).

Cravings? Not yet. In fact nothing sounds very good…

Nursery update? Starting to look at ideas. I like a forest/animal theme. Or zoo. Or no theme and just fun colors and patterns. BUT…that will be easier to think about when we know whether we’re having two boys, two girls, or one of each!

Movement? Too soon to feel. But they are busy in there!

Gender suspicions? Not really. I put a lot of stock in lots of sickness being a sign of a girl. I’m definitely more sick than I was with K, but I don’t think I’ve been sick enough for two girls. So for now, I’m guessing one of each?

High point? We we able to share our news with my family over Easter weekend!

Low point? It seems traveling makes me feel car sick now.

What am I looking forward to? Upcoming wedding for a friend, and all the festivities that go along with it!

What do I miss? Liking food!

Doctor Update: We’ve had our initial exam, ultrasound, and lab work. I go back in early May for my next check up!