Waiting can be hard.

Being an impatient control freak on top of it doesn’t help.

I’m waiting on kicks.  A little sign that the babies are in there, doing well, getting ready to take on the world.  I don’t know if I’ve forgotten how nerve-racking these early weeks are, or if worrying over two just has me double impatient.  But not being able to feel the babies has me a bit bummed.

Call me crazy, but every little reminder that I’m pregnant makes me feel a bit better.  More pregnant.  More calm.  And for now, my only “signs” are nausea and exhaustion.  So if you see me gagging and then smiling to myself, or nodding off with a temporary sense of peace on my face…you’ll know why.

Grow on, babies, grow on.  Mama is looking forward to some strong legs in there…rib kicks and all.

Week 11:

Your little one has grown quite a bit since last week—the crown-to-rump length is around 2 inches. Little arms and legs are growing and elongating this week! Facial features are developing, as are fingers and toes. Average fetus at 11 weeks is the size of a lime!