You can read some background info on K’s Pulmonary Stenosis checkups here:


K’s annual cardiology checkup was Friday.  Knowing he’s a bit more active, a bit more opinionated, and a bit more…unpredictable than he was a year ago, I was worried about how the visit itself would go.   Daddy and I picked him up from school, where he loudly announced to everyone we passed “I GOING TO THE DOCTOR!  I BE BACK!”.  We were off to a loud and enthusiastic start!

At the hospital, he walked like a big boy down the hallway, telling us “THIS WAY” was the path to follow.  This year’s checkup was just an EKG and a checkup with the doc.  The EKG involved “STICKY STICKERS” and funny ropes.  He watched closely and helped her push them on, but then sat very still as directed during the test.  A few quick minutes later, the test was done.  He was thankful for the fruit snacks that followed, and mama agreed he had earned them.

 DSCN0568 DSCN0569

After a quick review and a quick listen, the doctor agreed K was doing great.  We’ve been asked to come back again in a year.  No special action or limitations have been put on K, nor are they anticipated at any point in his future.


In other news…upon hearing we were expecting twins, she recommended we get a fetal echocardiogram somewhere between 16 and 20 weeks at their specialized office in Columbus.  While I don’t PREFER to hear recommendations like that…she helped us understand that it is good to get an early look at the babies’ hearts to see if they have a similar issue as K, and whether theirs is more serious.   In the event that they have a more serious situation, it might impact decisions such as the timing and location of their birth.   We will of course hope that this proves to be an unnecessary waste of our time and money.  😀  And in the meantime, we’ll enjoy one extra chance to peak at the babies.

Because the visit went so well, and K cooperated, it was over sooner than expected.  We decided to enjoy a little lunch and play time at the mall before taking K back to school.

DSCN0572 DSCN0573 DSCN0575

We arrived back to school just in time for naps, where K made a timely switch from a yell back to a whisper.