Joining in with Shell on PYHO!

As part of a ‘Future Moms’ program through our insurance, I am participating in a well mommy/well baby program that involves monthly conversations with a nurse.  It gives me an additional opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns, and talk through normal pregnancy stuff.

It also results in $150 in gift cards.  :-D!!!

I had my first “meeting” today.  In fact, this is the first real opportunity I’ve had to talk with someone in the medical field since finding out there are TWO babies.  The conversation was much more…cautionary…that I expected.  Some takeaways (which I will discuss with the doctor next week) include:

 ·        I may need more calcium than I’m currently getting from a normal prenatal vitamin and diet.  She recommended I talk to him about a calcium supplement.

·        She commended me for trying to stop sleeping on my back already, but said to make it a priority to sleep on my left side all the time by 16 weeks.

·        While my current 3 lb weight gain is ok, it is on the low end (which I’m aware of), and I should expect to gain (work toward gaining) roughly 24 lbs by 24 weeks.  From my current weight, that means nearly 2 lbs per week.  I already feel like I’m eating for 3…so I’ll have to put more thought in to WHAT I’m eating, and find some ways to up the calories.   (Eating a pre dinner peanut butter sandwich now…)

·        My original discussion with the doc (when we thought there was one baby) was to continue with business as usual, and ease up when I start to feel like I’m pushing too hard.  She also said since I’m used to it lifting K, who weighs 31 pounds, is ok.   THIS nurse says they recommend nothing over 24 lbs when you’re having multiples.  And nothing over 20 lbs once I reach 24 weeks.  I’ll discuss with the Doc next week…but it sounds like we may have to rework a lot of things at home.  And daddy may get really really busy soon…

So I don’t yet know if she is a bit more conservative than some, or if this was a good wake up call for me.  But regardless I may need to try to force myself to take it even easier and eat even more.   Not that being lazy and gaining weight is a punishment.  😀

 Look for a 13 week quiz and belly pic tomorrow, and a doctor update after our May 2nd appointment.