I received K’s school pictures this morning.  They are fantastic.  Except that he looks like a 5-year-old.   Last night we ate dinner out, and he ordered his own mac n cheese and milk then ate like another mini adult at the table.  He is growing, changing, and developing every day right in front of our eyes.  I am thankful for that.  But while I’m proud of him, there’s also a tinge of sadness as it seems baby K has completely disappeared.

One moment I will try to hang on to happened this morning…  J had to work off site today so I took K in to day care on my own.  We’re trying to have me lift and carry K as little as possible until the doctor confirms/denies the nurse’s claim that K is too heavy for me to lift right now.  So I asked K to be a big boy and help mommy this morning.  K sat on the steps to get his shoes on, walked to the car, climbed in the vehicle (with a little help), walked to class, removed his own coat and hat, sat at the breakfast table and opened his own banana.  When I had finished placing the rest of his breakfast and lunch, and stared at this little boy turned big kid right before my eyes sitting by his buddies, he looked up at me and said “how ‘bout a kiss?”.    He’s not too big to kiss his mama yet.  And for that, I am also thankful.