Remember that 13 week update and belly pic I was going to post on Wednesday?  Here’s the update, without the belly pic.  Consider it one of a long line of things I intended to do and never got around to.  Hard to be photo ready when you’re a nap machine…

Here you go (as of Wednesday)

How far along? 13 weeks today.  First trimester = DONE!

How big are the babies? Each baby is now about three inches long, the size of a peach.

Weight gain? 3 pounds as of this morning.

Maternity clothes? I could justify them some days, but I am still squeezing in to normal pants.  I’ll need to get some summer options soon, as my clothes from K’s pregnancy are mostly winterish. And I can tell I’m really starting to grow.

Sleep? I nap on the couch well, but I’m having a hard time transitioning to sleeping on my side in bed.  And I already wake up to pee.

Pregnancy symptoms: The nausea is lessening!!!  I still gag occasionally, and I wouldn’t say I’ve returned to my full appetite, but the good days outnumber the bad now.

Cravings? Maybe orange juice?  I liked it before, and I started drinking it every morning while pregnant because of the folic acid.  But I do think it’s yummy!

Nursery update? Not yet.  But we’re going to start working on K’s big boy room soon.  A trip to Ikea is in our near future. And while this seems unrelated, we need to up the organization (translated toy storage) options in preparation for the babies, so I have talked J in to making some built in cabinets around our fireplace.

Movement? Too soon to feel. But they are busy in there!

Gender suspicions? I’m leaning toward one of each.  Or maybe two girls….Or perhaps two boys….

High point? A fun weekend with friends in Lexington!

Low point? Cramps and backaches.

What am I looking forward to? Seeing our doctor again…

What do I miss? Diet Mt Dew!

Doctor Update: Our next appt is May 2nd.  This will be our first conversation with the doctor since finding out we were having twins!  My list of questions is long and growing…